We are 4 piece Japanese Punk Rock band name of "Boys Order"
August 2011 start!!


Ivy League

Formed by Terry Cook in early 2012, Ivy League blends folky-punk melodies of yesterday with a fresh and rockin' vibe for today. Be sure to check us out if you're in the Boston area, or keep up-to-date with us online. Look out for tons more audio and visuals as we step up our efforts to control your mind with our higher knowledge.
2006       2は遊び相手欲しさにバンド組む
2008       本格的に活動始める
2009       ROSE RECORDSより1stALBUM『神さま登場』発売。
20103  アメリカ音楽見本市サウスバイウエスト2010に出演。
2011       じゅんはひきこもる。えりー救出に成功。

2012年現在 世界一テンパってキラキラしたバンド、『神さま』やってます
Happy Bones

Formed on June 9, 2012, Happy Bones self described as unexpected noise. Ex-Posing Dirt with a new drummer.

Choices include: A. Billy......................B. General Aldo..............C. Chris Evert-Dildo..............D. Malcolm X-Mas Tree Michael Azerrad review in the November issue of Rolling Stone in '08. "If you want to hear what's new and exciting, look no further than Vaginas, Massachusetts. Vaginas is a scene that has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes of a stale musical landscape laden with cover bands and joke bands, punk bands and indy bands. R.C. and the Monkey-Junks are at ground zero of this new scene proudly playing thier own music which has been labeled "Hawaiian Hardcore". The scene in Vaginas is reminiscent of the Bowery scene in mid-seventies New York at CBGB's. The one difference between Vaginas and CBGB's however, is that in Vaginas, you won't see any annoying hipster types like Blondie, Tom Verlaine, or David Byrne. R.C. and the Monkey-Junks are laying waste to the Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews, and Beatles cover bands of the world, and paving the way for something that is entirely thier own." - Michael Azerrad

We are from Vaginas, Massachusetts. We spent several years touring, opening for the likes of Nirvana, Rancid and The Buthole Surfers. Finally taking some time to lay some tracks down in the studio with legendary producer, Steve Albini - the tracks you are hearing before your very eyes. We'd really enjoy shooting our collective spunk into your faces and then get to know your moms a little better when we become bored with you. We recently added Billy to the roster. He enjoys bottles and cans. Join our "Sweet Sweet Fanclub" and we will mail you our entire discography for free and give you a sweet sweet trading card to boot. You will get a signed trading card and a cd filled to the brim with all of our sweet sweet tracks.
R.C. and the Monkey-Junks


ZARIGANI$ is a two piece girls band of the loud sound.
The world that they create is very crazy and amazing.
The activity has been expanded to not only Japan,
but also foreign countries.

Niestety [Eng. Unfortunately] is a cold punk band from Warsaw, Poland
playing since 2012.
Niestety is:
Szymon: Drums
Przek: Bass Guit, add voc
Rotten: Lyrics, Speaking
Wermut: Guit, Voc
Atomic Stooges

We are a Japanese band. The music of these two (recently bass player joined, so now it's three piece) is a kind of old-style garage rock. We challenge contemporary music and society, frustrated, with strong big sound and atmosphere of ennui.

Vocal & Guitar : yoshigoo
Bass: hikaru
Drums: kozue
We gotta...

We are a DIY Cassette Label aiming to spread music all around the world.
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